A big well done to everybody who took on the Seaford parkrun course over the weekend for the first event of the Club Grand Prix! So many of you joined in the competition which is so great to see. There were some seriously impressive times and PBs posted so you guys must have all kept up your training throughout the lockdowns!

I’ve now compiled the results which were based on age grading. If anything looks a bit suspicious let me know and I can correct if needed. Click here for full table. Or here are the results below:

Member NameGenderAge categoryTimeAge GradingPoints
Rolando HutchinsonMale45-4900:18:3478.85%20
Graham JonesMale65-6900:22:5375.50%19
James MarronMale45-4900:19:2975.14%18
Jeff YoungMale45-4900:19:4474.19%17
Tracy PragnellFemale55-5900:25:0473.06%20
Nick FarleyMale40-4400:19:3771.92%16
Rowan TullyMaleUnder 1800:18:1771.57%15
Ollie SpragueMaleUnder 1800:18:2071.37%14
Steve SpragueMale45-4900:20:5370.11%13
Sandra StandenFemale70-7400:31:5769.96%19
Simon CroucherMale40-4400:20:1369.78%12
Amelia FletcherFemaleUnder 1800:21:3569.53%18
Phil RobinsonMale55-5900:22:4769.51%11
Lindsay TearleFemale50-5400:25:0169.05%17
Leslie MaygerMale70-7400:26:4568.94%10
Darren EvansMale50-5400:22:2068.13%9
Alan BrowneMale35-3900:20:0867.61%8
Josh NisbettMale30-3400:19:4566.81%7
Greg AndersonMale50-5400:22:5266.54%6
Robert SarjeantMale40-4400:21:2665.82%5
Jemma CrawfordFemale35-3900:23:2164.63%16
Martin RobardsMale55-5900:24:3164.60%4
Colin browneMale35-3900:21:1763.96%3
Aaron HornerMale45-4900:23:2362.61%2
Lisa ParkinsonFemale30-3400:24:0761.48%15
Kristiane SherryFemale30-3400:24:0761.48%15
Julie TaylorFemale55-5900:29:5661.18%14
Alice LennieFemale60-6400:31:5761.00%13
Michelle VarndellFemale45-4900:27:0760.28%12
Graham LittleMale45-4900:24:2360.04%1
Sue LeppardFemale55-5900:31:0059.08%11
Trevor JonesMale55-5900:27:0558.48%1
Debbie PriestFemale55-5900:31:4257.77%10
hazel tarrantFemale45-4900:28:2257.62%9
Paula TillerFemale35-3900:26:1457.53%8
Sue CurtisFemale45-4900:28:4956.72%7
Wendy WoodfordFemale50-5400:30:2856.70%6
Bronwyn RyanFemale20-2400:26:1356.33%5
Carl HowardMale30-3400:23:4555.56%1
Victoria MaleskiFemale60-6400:35:1555.29%4
Sharon plankFemale60-6400:35:2055.16%3
Robert TearleMale55-5900:28:4455.12%1
Jill NewFemale55-5900:33:2354.86%2
Lauren MorganFemale25-2900:27:5952.77%1
Gavin WrightMale55-5900:30:1052.50%1
Simon HomerMale45-4900:28:1351.89%1
Katherine SimmonsFemale45-4900:31:3251.84%1
Colin LaidlawMale50-5400:29:2351.78%1
Sophie PhillipsFemale30-3400:28:5551.28%1
Sally MaygerFemale55-5900:36:0550.76%1
Gill MorganFemale55-5900:36:2650.27%1
Tom RoperMale65-6900:34:4349.76%1
Jane KempFemale35-3900:31:0248.63%1
Gary newMale50-5400:33:4445.11%1
Jeanette WellsFemale55-5900:40:5344.80%1
Toni WrightFemale55-5900:41:0044.67%1
Lee ArnoldMale30-3400:39:0133.82%1

Below is a provisional list of all CGP events throughout the year. Those marked in red are uncertain to take place so there may be more virtuals or a rejig but of course I’ll let you know in advance.

The next two fixtures in bold are set in stone. The next event being the first Bank Holiday weekend in May- a distance challenge. Furthest distance over the 3 days wins the most points. I will send out more info and link to submit results nearer the time.

DatesEventScoring based on
19th-11th AprilSeaford parkrun (virtual)age grading
21st-3rd MayDistance challengefurthest distance
329th-31st MaySeaford/Peacehaven parkrun double (virtual)fastest 10k (combined time)
45th JuneSeaford parkrunage grading
523rd JuneSummer Solstice 5kfastest time
627th JuneBrighton Half Marathonfastest time
714th JulyPhoenix 10kfastest time
818th JulySeaford Martello Halffastest time
931st JulyEast Brighton parkrunage grading
1013th-15th AugustMagic mile (virtual)fastest time
1129th-31st AugustDistance challenge or parkrun double?furthest distance or fastest 10k (combined time)
1211th SeptemberPeacehaven parkrunage grading
1324th SeptemberEastbourne parkrunage grading
1417th OctoberBeachy Head Halffastest time
1523rd OctoberBeachy Head Marathonfastest time
1624th OctoberBeachy Head 10kfastest time
1730th OctoberSeaford parkrunage grading
1821st NovemberBrighton 10kfastest time
19December?Crowborough 10kfastest time
20December?Mince Pie virtual run?fastest time

As always if you have any questions about CGP or still not quite sure then drop me an email or message. The table can change massively throughout the year and remember your 10 best races count- if you run more than 10 then your lowest scores will be cancelled out.

Thank Anneka – Club Grand Prix Rep