Frog Firle hop

A steady 10 miles that sweeps up and over Frog Firle then takes you down and along the Cuckmere River before returning up out of the valley to Seaford.

It give you a fine view of the famous White Horse carved into the hillside at High and Over, as well as the opportunity for encounters with cattle, swans, herons, gees, kingfishers and sheep!

The run is broken down into three stages

Stage 1 – Centre to the Dragons Belly
Leaving the leisure Centre run North along Alfriston Road until you reach the eastern edge of the town. Turn left here along a track leading to the Downs. After about 100 metres turn right through a gate into Frog Firle. Run along the bottom edge of the field close to the hedgerow through two gates. After the last gate arrive at Dragons Belly, a track leading down through the trees to below High and Over

Stage 2 – Dragons Belly to Exceat
Through the gate you now enter a track covered by trees (Dragons Belly), before coming to a gate beside the road. Cross the road and, passing through another gate, follow the track down the hill towards a five barred gate. Continue through here and bear left down the field to the river. Cross a stile and run North along the river bank to Littlington Bridge. Cross over the bridge and turn immediately right onto the track on the other side. Continue all along this bank (river should now be on your right) to reach the main road at Exceat near the Cuckmere Inn pub.

Stage 3 – Exceat to Leisure Centre
Go right across Exceat bridge towards the Cuckmere Inn and turn left into the pub car park. At the end of the car park go through the gate and along the track South for approx. 200 metres. At the crossways turn right through the gate into the “Sheep Field” and run up the right hand side of the field to the gate at the top. Through the gate turn left and follow the track to the end, turn right through Chyngton Farm then left for 25m, then right onto Chyngton Way. Run west along the road, past the roundabout before continuing along Chyngton Road with the golf course on the left. After about 200 metres turn right into Arundel Road. run to the top of the road over the mini roundabout and into Sheep Pen Lane. At the end turn left onto A259 and return to the Leisure centre.

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