We are looking at organised groups for MNS on the alternate weeks between track nights.This will depend on numbers and potential group leaders so if you are interested in MNS then please let me know and dependent on numbers we can arrange the groups. 

If you have any queries about the groups regarding pace, distance etc please contact the group leaders or email secretary@seafordstriders.org.uk and I will pass it on.

Details for our WNS groups Wednesday 14th April 2021



  • Graham’s medium group Meet at Richmond Road Car Park
    9 – 9.5 minute mile pace, distance 6 – 7miles, occasional stops dependant on route. Trail and Road, Norton loop.


  • Nick’s fast group – Meet at Wave Leisure Centre Pitch Side
    8 minute mile pace, distance 7.5 miles with Hill efforts.
  • Julie’s medium group – Meet at Richmond Road Car Park
    10 minute mile pace distance 5 – 7 miles, occasional stops dependant on route. Bishopstone loop.
  • Victoria’s slow group – Meet at Seaford Head School, Arundel Road
    11 minute mile pace, distance 3 – 4 miles, regular stops on route.


Group leaders will keep a record of all the people in their groups so we can maintain the requirements of our Covid-19 Risk Assessment. Details of our Covid-19 Risk assessment are available here. Please read carefully and make sure you’re social distancing.

Seaford Striders Running Club is affiliated with England Athletics and operates under its guidance.

We hope that everyone is enjoying their return to WNS and that we continue to give all our new members a hearty welcome and in true Striders tradition remember “No one gets left behind”.

For more information or if you have any questions please email us at info@seafordstriders.org.uk.